Friday, March 28, 2008

I Had Big Plans

That's right~BIG Plans for Spring Break. First it was a trip to CA to visit my girlfriends but that didn't happen. Next it was a long list of projects around the house; painting, organizing, cleaning, electrician, repair man and decluttering. Nope, didn't happen. Instead it was lazy days of catching up on reality TV, a movie, a box load of treasures and some farm animals!

We saw Horton Hears A Who. I was not impressed by this movie. I love Dr. Seuss books and have lots in my classroom but the movie didn't do much for me. The kids loved it!

We made a trip to the Houston Livestock Show and let the kids have fun exploring and getting dirty.

We really enjoyed the pig races and watching a little pig swim across the trough.
Waiting to get into the petting area. I opted to not go in and wait out with the stroller. Stepping in poop didn't appeal to me.
The boys loved touching all the farm animals.

It's funny what a tractor does to city folks.And we couldn't leave with out a souvenir. A new lasso to practice roping our dog.

Overall we had a nice relaxing Spring Break. Hope you are enjoying the Spring in your neck of the woods.

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