Monday, November 30, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week (checked out library books don’t count, eBooks & audio books do). Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

Here are the books that came into my house this past week. None of these came by way of the mailbox but by the local thrift store.DESCRIPTION: A collection of stories for anyone who shuddered at the idea of senior prom, REVENGE OF THE PASTE EATERS is about the way the experiences of childhood stay with us and shape us into adults. Cheryl Peck applies her signature wit to more personal stories and reflections--about hurting people and getting hurt, about discovering who you are and who you want to be, about feeling "not good enough," and about being bigger--physically and mentally--than many of the people surrounding you. This is a wickedly funny view of what it's like to be a middle-aged woman in middle-America, and what really happened to the kids who were different. Teri is searching for Mr Right. She's been through Mr Lazy, Mr Greedy, Mr Completely Selfish and Mr Downright Pervert -- but, as yet, no Mr Wonderful. That is, of course, until she is literally knocked off her feet by Jamie Duncan, as they rush to catch their train home from Euston station: the18.07 from platform 8. Soon love blossoms and commuting takes on a whole new meaning. But one thing that can't be ignored is that, as well as being Mr Right, Jamie is also Mr Married! When her husband abandons her in 1950s Minneapolis, Patty Jane opens her own unique beauty salon

Grace Armiger isn't living the high life. As a publicist in a London publishing house, she spends her days trying to interest an indifferent media in her collection of oddball authors. Home's not much better-her scruffy apartment, untrustworthy boyfriend, and nagging mother aren't doing much to keep her spirits high. Plus, she's just had a wildly inappropriate one-night stand with one of her writers. But when a chance encounter turns into a brush with an A-list celebrity, Grace dares to think her life may finally be taking a promising turn . . . Across town, Belinda Black, a ruthless tabloid journalist, is about to make a crash landing into Grace's unremarkable life. For just as soon as Grace thinks she's found the man of her dreams, Belinda thinks she's found the interview of hers. With Gossip Hound , Wendy Holden delivers yet another stylish, sophisticated comedy showcasing a winning and witty heroine who-against all odds-just may come out on top.

So those are the books added to my TBR pile the past week. My pile is growing very fast thanks to the local thrift store selling books for $1.00.

I finished these two books over the Thanksgiving break.

What books came into your house this past week?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Menu Planning

What a great holiday weekend we had. We were able to escape town and head out to the country and have some old fashion fun on my sister's family land in Calvert, TX. We have no left overs since I didn't host Thanksgiving and make the turkey. We have a busy week ahead of us so I tried to find easy meals to make. Here is our plan for the week:

Monday:Out since I have a training until 6:00!

Tuesday: Sausage and Pasta Bake

Wednesday: So Simple Tuna Pasta Casserole

Thursday: No Roll Mexican Rice Enchiladas

Friday: Garden Vegetable Lasagna

Saturday: Impossibly Easy Chilies Rellenos Pie

Sunday: Arroz con Pollo (Rice with Chicken)

All my recipes are from Pillsbury Money Saving Meals magazine.

You can find other great recipes and menus at

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tablescape #12 Thanksgiving

It's Thursday and time for Tablescape Thursdays hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. I am having so much fun decorating my table each week. Be sure to visit Susan and see all the lovely tables for this week. Gobble! Gobble! It's turkey time! I am so thankful for you. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my table. The centerpiece items; the Pilgrims, turkey and flowers are from Kohl's

The Family Dollar salt and pepper shakers. Another set of Family Dollar salt and pepper shakers.
I couldn't figure out why my pictures of my dishes ended up sideways. Oh well! The chargers are from Target on clearance. The white plates are from Walmart at the after Christmas clearance. The leaf bowls are from Walmart last year. The tablecloth, napkins and napkin rings are from Kohl's. A green leaf bowl. A yellow leaf bowl. The Dollar Tree glasses. So thankful that I do not have to cook a turkey this year. My sister is the host for Thanksgiving. She is having both sides of the family over and we will have over 20 people there next Thursday, including my in-laws.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heavenly Hash

Today we had our faculty Thanksgiving luncheon at school and I made Heavenly Hash to share with my school family. My parents have been making this dish for the Holidays for as long as I can remember.It's a cool whip lip smacking dish.The recipe is below. Enjoy!

Heavenly Hash

1 can eagle brand

1 can cherry pie filling

1 large tub of Cool Whip

1 large can crushed drained pineapple

1 cup small marshmallows

1 cup nuts

Mix all ingredients together; add cherry pie filling last. Let chill in refrigerator before serving.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tablescape #11 Scarecrows

It's almost Thursday and time for Tablescape Thursdays hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. I am having so much fun decorating my table each week. Be sure to visit Susan ad see all the lovely tables for this week. Also, she is having a daily giveaway for great gifts from Colonial Candle.Welcome to my table. This cute sign came from Kroger's.

My dishes are Martha Stewart that came from Kmart many moons ago. Also, pictured are my first chargers! I purchased them on sale from Target. The cute pumpkin with sunflower napkin ring is from Kohl's, my favorite store and the tablecloth and napkins are from Walmart.

Love the Dollar Tree glasses.

The Family Dollar Store salt and pepper shakers.

Another set from the same place.

My sweet friends, they also came from the Family Dollar.

Love these candles so much! All from Hobby Lobby.

View of the table.

Another view

And with the ligths out.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments about my table. If you like what you see, please become a follower.

Have a great day!