Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Yesterday was DH's birthday. He had to work during the day and then we had the Quinceanera in the evening. Tonight we are going out for dinner to celebrate. He did open his gifts from DS and I yesterday. We are having a birthday party on the 9th for him since he turned 40!!! He hasn't had many birthday parties so he is kinda excited about it. We are going to a family place that has a nice play area for the kids and a driving range for the guys. I have been running around all last week gathering items for the party.

The Quinceanera was fun. We sat at a table with friends so that made the evening enjoyable. We had a nice dinner. The honoree and her court performed some dances which were quite impressive and then cake was served. DS and I took a turn on the dance floor. We left the place around 11. The music was way too loud for us and it wasn't our taste in music either so we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Have a relaxing day!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Friday!

The shoe of choice for today. Not very pretty but so comfortable! Took Maggie to Doggy Day Care this morning. She loves playing with the other dogs and is very tired when we pick her up. Which is great because she is so exhausted that she can't chew anything up. Took DS to tutoring and while he was there I met my friend LC to get pedis and manis.

These were the two colors I picked today. I got Sweet Heart, the one on the left, for my nails and California Raspberry on my toes. I love this color. I also got a chair massage while there today. It felt so good. Now my friend and I are all ready for tomorrow night. We have been invited to a Quinceanera. This is the second one I have ever been invited too. We are going and it should be lots of fun with food and dancing. More about it later this weekend. Most of my girlfriends will be there as well. Angie, the honoree, is the daughter of a friend at work, so it will be nice to see familiar faces since we have been off for the summer. Later in the day we ran some errands and then made a stop at Baskin Robbins. I think we will have to make this a weekly visit. There were some interesting flavors that I want to try. The rain came again today. I think we may be all starting to grow web feet. This has been the wettest summer that I can ever remember. I will have to look this information up! So not much time outside or swimming.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Look What Came in the Mail

The above blue top and skirt is so comfortable. The skirt has a ruffle hem so it swings when you walk. Now I need to get shoes and a new purse and I'll be set.

The green dress I'm going to use as a swimsuit cover up. It's the perfect summer green and has a palm tree embroidered and beaded up at the top. It has an attached hood and a kangaroo pocket on front. And the bonus beach bag will look great toting around all summer.

Both items were purchased from QVC when they were the Today Special Offer.

Today we are spending time doing some projects around the house. Cleaning out DS's room and closet. Getting ready to paint next week. Later this evening we are having dinner with my folks at a new steak house.

Hope your day is off to a great start!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clean Tuesday and Market Day!

Every other Tuesday, our cleaning lady comes to clean our house and do laundry(towels and sheets). Today she came! I over slept. I like to be up and dressed when she arrives. I was struggling this morning. The meds from the allergist really make me sleepy and I can't seem to sleep it all off. Anyway, got going and took Maggie to Doggie Daycare. She was so happy to go. Her sister was there so she was going to be one tired dog when we pick her up. DS and I then ventured to Target to purchase a bridal shower gift and other items that we thought we really needed. We got the bride to be the bowl below and filled it with all kinds of kitchen goodies.
This bride is a special one. Her family and mine have been friends for quite a long time. The shower is this Saturday and there wasn't a whole lot left on her registry. My mom and I are throwing the shower but I am doing nothing. How great is that? Mom insists on doing all the food because she wants it a certain way. I couldn't be happier. But I know that I will be the one washing all the crystal afterwards. Thanks mom! We meet DH for lunch and then ran DS to tutoring. While he was getting smarter, I finished up my book, Bright Lights, Big Ass. I thought this book was so funny. I laughed out loud while reading many times. I can't decide what to start next. Have you read anything good lately?

After tutoring, we hit the market. I have been meaning to go grocery shopping for 3 days but kept putting it off. DH raved about my meals I cooked last week and wanted a repeat so I made this long list and we shopped until we dropped. It started to rain as we pulled into the parking lot so we gathered my bag, umbrella, Sonic drinks and list and made our way into the store. This particular store has the shopping carts on the outside and partly under cover. We were trying to find one that wasn't soaking wet and littered with trash. Finally we found one. I put the umbrella in, sit my bag on the child seat area and we place our drinks in the cup holders. Next I start digging in my bag for the list. The one with all the ingredients for the fabulous meals I am going to make this week. We can't find it! We look all around the carts, the entrance area to the store, in the cart. I call to DS to look and see if you can see it in the parking lot in the sea of trash that is blowing around from the rain and wind. He thinks he sees it. I have him guard our cart, bag and umbrella and I run out into the parking lot looking at each piece of paper to see if I can find it. I didn't take the umbrella because the wind was picking up and didn't want to look like an idiot with my umbrella turned inside out. Finally found the list near our car, soaking wet and fasted walked back to the store entrance. Now my feet are wet and cold and I'm not happy. We wonder all over that store, up and down each aisle looking for all the ingredients. I am no cook so it takes me awhile to locate things in the store which is OK since its pouring outside. We did have one ingredient that stumped us-dark corn syrup. We walked that store twice looking for that bottle. By the time we finished the rain was slowing down and we were able to get it all packed into the car and home to unload with out getting soaked. After all that, I was exhausted and didn't want to cook so we had pita sandwiches for dinner. DH was not too pleased but it was hard work pushing that cart full of food and then having to put it all up. So tomorrow I have to cook something good. I need to find that list that had all the entrees I was going to make!

Hope your day went smoother than mine!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Update

What a day Saturday was! We went to Huntsville to meet Theresa and see her sale. Here is her blog. I ended up with a few things. I purchased some jelly jars and a picture frame. Next we went into town and shopped the antiques stores around the courthouse. I made a purchase! I love little towns!. My guys were getting hungry so we left and drove to the Woodlands area for lunch. We ate at one of my all time favorite places. Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. If you go request the kitchen table. The chef and wait staff talk with you and tell you about each dish. So you get to see just about each entree and ask all kinds of questions. It's lots of fun during busy hours because there will be lots going on. We were there late for lunch so it was kind of slow but fun. Then we headed home. DH took a nap because he was tired for driving me all. While he napped I ran to the library to return a book and movie. Then to the Salvation Army where I picked up a cute red and white check pillow for my front porch and a wicker basket to spray paint and keep toilet paper in the bathroom. Spent $2 and some change! Last stop was Hobby Lobby. They had marked down their July 4th decorations to 80% so I had to go see what they had left. I was in lucky! Spent $13 and some change there. I got home as DH was waking up and we got ready for dinner. We went to another favorite place, Tony's Mexican Restaurant on Ella. I love this place but they were very busy with a couple of large parties and it was very noisy and slow service but overall OK.

Sunday was church and lunch with my parents afterwards. After lunch DH took a nap and DS and I went to World Market and Goodwill before going to get his haircut. No purchasing at either one of those places, just looking! After haircut we went to Walmart. I really hate shopping here. DS was on the prowl for a new Lego's set which costs around $5. We left Walmart with $100 of stuff! DS didn't find his Lego set but he has new bedding and I have some cute headbands and magazines and painting supplies(brushes, rollers, pan and that blue tape). I am going to attempt to paint his room. Now I have to figure out how much paint to purchase and what color. I see a trip to Home Depot later this week! We arrived home as DH was waking up so we got ready for dinner. But first we were stopping at Target. I really love this store! Purchased new mattress cover for DS new bedding, Lego set and hairspray. Dinner was at another place we enjoy, La Madeleine French Bakery. I think I could eat here everyday.

Today, Monday, we got up and went straight to the Y. I completed my workout and then DS wanted to go swimming, but of course the warm pool was closed due to lessons and water aerobics so he had to swim in the lap pool, which is cold and he hates it. We came back home to get ready for the day. We went out for lunch at Subway. DS wants to try each daily special. I don't know why. I agreed but not all during the same week! Then we went to Best Buy. I am still looking for a new computer. I think I found one but I just need to run it by DH again before I purchase and schedule Geek Squad to come hook it all up. Oh, how I wished I knew more about technology! DS had tutoring and I had a parent teacher conference. Then we came home to gather our grocery list to head to the market. Maybe I can get out of cooking again tonight, crossing my fingers!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Check this out!

Jill over at Who Could Ask for Anything More is having a book giveaway. Just go over there and leave a comment which enters you in the drawing.Please go check out her site and Good Luck in the drawing!
We are heading out the door to do some shopping.
Enjoy your day!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Friday

The shoe of choice for today. The super comfortable stripe flip flops from Target. We just dropped Maggie off at doggie daycare and we have some errands to run. DS wants to head over to Toys R Us to pick up a new game for his PSP and I have to run to Target and the market. After lunch DS has tutoring and then we are heading to the pool. Dinner will be a pot of spaghetti and garlic bread. I have some plans for this weekend but nothing confirmed yet. A blogging friend, Theresa, over at Garden Antiques News, is having a sale at her shop in Hunstville, TX. I am thinking of heading up that way tomorrow to see if I can find a treasure or two. Below are some pictures from her shop. Please go check out her site and tell her I sent you over.
Have a great day!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today not much excitement happened. While getting ready this morning my friend LC called and asked if I would like to go get manis and pedis? Would I? Oh yes! I was long over due in this department. I went with a sheer color on my nails, Pillow Talk by OPI and had the punch of color on my toes with the color above, Tropical Punch by OPI. Did you catch that humor? I have been trying different colors each time I go this summer. I am a girl of habit. I like my usual so I am branching out and having so much fun. LC and I have so much fun looking at all the pretty colors of nail polish displayed on the spinning rack at the place that we visit. Also, we get a chuckle at reading all the labels on the bottom of the bottles. We are easily entertained! The place we go charges $35 for both services. I love the massage chair and they have hot stones they rub on your arms and legs. It was a great pick me up. Thanks LC for calling this morning.

I did the above while DS was in tutoring. When he was finished, we went to the YMCA so that he could swim. Today the lifeguards were very whistle friendly. They kept blowing those dang whistle while I was reading and it was very annoying! I had a run in with one of the lifeguards awhile back and she walks way around me or doesn't even look at me now. She tried to tell me that I was doing something wrong when I wasn't and I had to go complain at the front desk so now she knows not to mess with me!

Hope your week is going well!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today was our anniversary. Fifteen great and not so great years. I'm being honest! We had dinner with DH parents and DS. We went to an Italian place which was very good. We talked and laughed and had a great time. We don't see DS parents very often. Also, my friend Diva and her sweet hubby share the date with us for their anniversary as well. Happy Anniversary Diva!

Earlier today DS and I went to the dentist. I lucked out with no cavities. Unfortunately DS has one. It's on a baby tooth but close to the nerve so it requires action. We are trying not to talked about it so he doesn't freak out before the trip. Have any of you had this experience? I would like some advice!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Our Weekend

Not much happened over the weekend. Saturday DS went to see the above movie with his aunt and cousins. I stayed at home to babysit the littlest cousin. Seeing a movie with rats running around just didn't interest me, even if its a Disney movie. Maybe when it comes out on DVD.

Sunday the refrigerator, microwave and a lamp stopped. I fought with the breaker box trying to get the power back but I couldn't. I have an extension cord draped over the bar/counter running into the family room to keep the refrigerator going. My dad came over and tried to find out what the problem is and it's not the breaker box. Good thing because we had that thing replaced right after we moved in. So my dad unscrewed the socket and that's where the problem is. The wiring is bad. So DH is trying today to find some electrician to come check all our plugs and replace what needs to be repaired. It sounds like it's going to be a big and nasty bill heading our way. But if it will keep the house from burning down I don't mind!

Today I had my annual eye appointment. No changes in my vision since I am nearing 40. Got my contacts ordered and put off getting a new pair of glasses. I only wear my glasses in the evening or if I don't feel well, so no real need there. DS is on a field trip to the zoo and park with the cousins. The church my sisters family attends has a summer program that takes the kids on 5 different field trip over the summer. There is only one for the month of July. So I am enjoying my bit of peace and quiet. I can't go anywhere since my eyes are dilated and I can't see straight! So maybe a movie or nap might be next on the agenda. Finished writing birthday thank yous and will take them to the post office tomorrow on the way to the allergist.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fun Mail Day

Today in the mail I received this adorable ladybug key fob. It has my initial on the back side. I had ordered it from the Preppy Petunia. She has some cute things. Please go check out here items. You will not be disappointed. She also has a blog, Grosgrain Garage, that I enjoy popping in and reading. She is a very creative and talented person. She will inspire you, make you think about things and have you rolling with laughter. I consider her a blog friend!
DS and I didn't venture out today due to the rain. There was quite a bit of local flooding. We stayed in and watched Disney Channel, the movie Zathura and played Monopoly. Hopefully the rain we leave so that we can enjoy the outdoors more this summer. I think it has rained just about everyday for the month of June and July. The mosquitoes are vicious!
Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our 4th of July

Well, I woke up with an itchy red rash and didn't want to venture out. DH was working and then heading to a concert afterwards so DS and I were by ourselves. We met up later with my parents and went out for quick Italian and back to their house to view fireworks. Shortly thereafter my sister and her family showed up with fireworks and the fun began. Thanks Uncle B for putting on a great display for me and the kids to enjoy. The kids did sparklers and danced around the driveway. I was busy snapping photos to scrap later on. After the fireworks ran out and the mosquitoes decide to eat us up we went inside for ice cream. My 4th was fun spending time with my family. We missed DH but he got a better offer to attend Arch Angel concert with a buddy. There is always next time.

Today I visited the Doctor and was given two shots to help control this uncontrollable itch. He referred my to an allergist, so next week I will be seeing him. I am a little nervous and anxious because I don't know what to expect. Next week is full of doctor appointments-eye, allergist and dentist.
Hope you had a great fourth!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Five Things I Love Right Now

1. The house all decorated for the 4th. The picture above is not my house but I love the style and how it it decorated.

2. My stars and stripes Birki's. They are so comfortable.
3. Festive red, white and blue foods. These cupcakes look so delicious.

4. My free gift from Estee Lauder. The bag is in red, white and blue stripes. Perfect for the summer. The makeup is a bonus for me!

5. Mickey Mouse and all things Disney.

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!