Monday, July 09, 2007

Our Weekend

Not much happened over the weekend. Saturday DS went to see the above movie with his aunt and cousins. I stayed at home to babysit the littlest cousin. Seeing a movie with rats running around just didn't interest me, even if its a Disney movie. Maybe when it comes out on DVD.

Sunday the refrigerator, microwave and a lamp stopped. I fought with the breaker box trying to get the power back but I couldn't. I have an extension cord draped over the bar/counter running into the family room to keep the refrigerator going. My dad came over and tried to find out what the problem is and it's not the breaker box. Good thing because we had that thing replaced right after we moved in. So my dad unscrewed the socket and that's where the problem is. The wiring is bad. So DH is trying today to find some electrician to come check all our plugs and replace what needs to be repaired. It sounds like it's going to be a big and nasty bill heading our way. But if it will keep the house from burning down I don't mind!

Today I had my annual eye appointment. No changes in my vision since I am nearing 40. Got my contacts ordered and put off getting a new pair of glasses. I only wear my glasses in the evening or if I don't feel well, so no real need there. DS is on a field trip to the zoo and park with the cousins. The church my sisters family attends has a summer program that takes the kids on 5 different field trip over the summer. There is only one for the month of July. So I am enjoying my bit of peace and quiet. I can't go anywhere since my eyes are dilated and I can't see straight! So maybe a movie or nap might be next on the agenda. Finished writing birthday thank yous and will take them to the post office tomorrow on the way to the allergist.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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