Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today not much excitement happened. While getting ready this morning my friend LC called and asked if I would like to go get manis and pedis? Would I? Oh yes! I was long over due in this department. I went with a sheer color on my nails, Pillow Talk by OPI and had the punch of color on my toes with the color above, Tropical Punch by OPI. Did you catch that humor? I have been trying different colors each time I go this summer. I am a girl of habit. I like my usual so I am branching out and having so much fun. LC and I have so much fun looking at all the pretty colors of nail polish displayed on the spinning rack at the place that we visit. Also, we get a chuckle at reading all the labels on the bottom of the bottles. We are easily entertained! The place we go charges $35 for both services. I love the massage chair and they have hot stones they rub on your arms and legs. It was a great pick me up. Thanks LC for calling this morning.

I did the above while DS was in tutoring. When he was finished, we went to the YMCA so that he could swim. Today the lifeguards were very whistle friendly. They kept blowing those dang whistle while I was reading and it was very annoying! I had a run in with one of the lifeguards awhile back and she walks way around me or doesn't even look at me now. She tried to tell me that I was doing something wrong when I wasn't and I had to go complain at the front desk so now she knows not to mess with me!

Hope your week is going well!


Fabulously Broke in the City said...

I like Ballet Slipper by OPI... I'm such a neutral girl

But I find it never lasts long :( Have you tried the Avon peel and stick nailpolishes yet? I'm thinking of picking up some next month

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I love all the OPI names, too. I'm like you - I usually get a french manicure and bright colors for my pedicure. My favorite OPI is Dutch Tulips.