Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clean Tuesday and Market Day!

Every other Tuesday, our cleaning lady comes to clean our house and do laundry(towels and sheets). Today she came! I over slept. I like to be up and dressed when she arrives. I was struggling this morning. The meds from the allergist really make me sleepy and I can't seem to sleep it all off. Anyway, got going and took Maggie to Doggie Daycare. She was so happy to go. Her sister was there so she was going to be one tired dog when we pick her up. DS and I then ventured to Target to purchase a bridal shower gift and other items that we thought we really needed. We got the bride to be the bowl below and filled it with all kinds of kitchen goodies.
This bride is a special one. Her family and mine have been friends for quite a long time. The shower is this Saturday and there wasn't a whole lot left on her registry. My mom and I are throwing the shower but I am doing nothing. How great is that? Mom insists on doing all the food because she wants it a certain way. I couldn't be happier. But I know that I will be the one washing all the crystal afterwards. Thanks mom! We meet DH for lunch and then ran DS to tutoring. While he was getting smarter, I finished up my book, Bright Lights, Big Ass. I thought this book was so funny. I laughed out loud while reading many times. I can't decide what to start next. Have you read anything good lately?

After tutoring, we hit the market. I have been meaning to go grocery shopping for 3 days but kept putting it off. DH raved about my meals I cooked last week and wanted a repeat so I made this long list and we shopped until we dropped. It started to rain as we pulled into the parking lot so we gathered my bag, umbrella, Sonic drinks and list and made our way into the store. This particular store has the shopping carts on the outside and partly under cover. We were trying to find one that wasn't soaking wet and littered with trash. Finally we found one. I put the umbrella in, sit my bag on the child seat area and we place our drinks in the cup holders. Next I start digging in my bag for the list. The one with all the ingredients for the fabulous meals I am going to make this week. We can't find it! We look all around the carts, the entrance area to the store, in the cart. I call to DS to look and see if you can see it in the parking lot in the sea of trash that is blowing around from the rain and wind. He thinks he sees it. I have him guard our cart, bag and umbrella and I run out into the parking lot looking at each piece of paper to see if I can find it. I didn't take the umbrella because the wind was picking up and didn't want to look like an idiot with my umbrella turned inside out. Finally found the list near our car, soaking wet and fasted walked back to the store entrance. Now my feet are wet and cold and I'm not happy. We wonder all over that store, up and down each aisle looking for all the ingredients. I am no cook so it takes me awhile to locate things in the store which is OK since its pouring outside. We did have one ingredient that stumped us-dark corn syrup. We walked that store twice looking for that bottle. By the time we finished the rain was slowing down and we were able to get it all packed into the car and home to unload with out getting soaked. After all that, I was exhausted and didn't want to cook so we had pita sandwiches for dinner. DH was not too pleased but it was hard work pushing that cart full of food and then having to put it all up. So tomorrow I have to cook something good. I need to find that list that had all the entrees I was going to make!

Hope your day went smoother than mine!

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