Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Update

What a day Saturday was! We went to Huntsville to meet Theresa and see her sale. Here is her blog. I ended up with a few things. I purchased some jelly jars and a picture frame. Next we went into town and shopped the antiques stores around the courthouse. I made a purchase! I love little towns!. My guys were getting hungry so we left and drove to the Woodlands area for lunch. We ate at one of my all time favorite places. Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. If you go request the kitchen table. The chef and wait staff talk with you and tell you about each dish. So you get to see just about each entree and ask all kinds of questions. It's lots of fun during busy hours because there will be lots going on. We were there late for lunch so it was kind of slow but fun. Then we headed home. DH took a nap because he was tired for driving me all. While he napped I ran to the library to return a book and movie. Then to the Salvation Army where I picked up a cute red and white check pillow for my front porch and a wicker basket to spray paint and keep toilet paper in the bathroom. Spent $2 and some change! Last stop was Hobby Lobby. They had marked down their July 4th decorations to 80% so I had to go see what they had left. I was in lucky! Spent $13 and some change there. I got home as DH was waking up and we got ready for dinner. We went to another favorite place, Tony's Mexican Restaurant on Ella. I love this place but they were very busy with a couple of large parties and it was very noisy and slow service but overall OK.

Sunday was church and lunch with my parents afterwards. After lunch DH took a nap and DS and I went to World Market and Goodwill before going to get his haircut. No purchasing at either one of those places, just looking! After haircut we went to Walmart. I really hate shopping here. DS was on the prowl for a new Lego's set which costs around $5. We left Walmart with $100 of stuff! DS didn't find his Lego set but he has new bedding and I have some cute headbands and magazines and painting supplies(brushes, rollers, pan and that blue tape). I am going to attempt to paint his room. Now I have to figure out how much paint to purchase and what color. I see a trip to Home Depot later this week! We arrived home as DH was waking up so we got ready for dinner. But first we were stopping at Target. I really love this store! Purchased new mattress cover for DS new bedding, Lego set and hairspray. Dinner was at another place we enjoy, La Madeleine French Bakery. I think I could eat here everyday.

Today, Monday, we got up and went straight to the Y. I completed my workout and then DS wanted to go swimming, but of course the warm pool was closed due to lessons and water aerobics so he had to swim in the lap pool, which is cold and he hates it. We came back home to get ready for the day. We went out for lunch at Subway. DS wants to try each daily special. I don't know why. I agreed but not all during the same week! Then we went to Best Buy. I am still looking for a new computer. I think I found one but I just need to run it by DH again before I purchase and schedule Geek Squad to come hook it all up. Oh, how I wished I knew more about technology! DS had tutoring and I had a parent teacher conference. Then we came home to gather our grocery list to head to the market. Maybe I can get out of cooking again tonight, crossing my fingers!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

We've done the kitchen table at Buca with the kids. Fun, fun!