Saturday, November 15, 2008

What A Week

Have you ever had one of the days or weeks that you wish you could start over? Well, that is exactly what I have wished for this week. Monday was great then it went all down hill from there. I am blaming the Half Price Book coupons I received in the mail! That's right. I got this coupon postcard for savings all week for each day to come in and shop the shelves and then get a percentage off.

Monday it was raining and the start of the week so we didn't go, we being my son and I. So we made a date to go Tuesday night on Veteran's Day. So after school I rushed to pick him up and the dog, dropped the dog off at home and then started on our way to the book store. The store we picked to go was out near my parents house. We made it to the store in one piece with all the traffic and rain. We wondered around that store and had our arms filled with books to enjoy in the coming days. We paid our bill and got in the car. Now this is where it goes down hill.

I am trying to leave the parking lot and cross three lines of traffic to get to the center turn lane. I had to wait several traffic light cycles before some sweet motorist left an opening for me to cautiously cross to the center lane. I was moving slowly and BAM! a little aveo hit my front bumper. She was speeding down the turn lane to make the light instead of waiting in the traffic and knocked my front bumper off. I drive a Chevy full size mini van. She was flying in order to make the light. We were all alright just shaken up. This was my first major fender bender. I called my brother in law to send a unit since he works for the Sheriff's Department and after a short wait help had arrived, in the form of my mom, husband and the deputy. We got all the paper work filled out and the tow truck towed my van home. The insurance company came to pick it up the next morning.

I was very anxious about the accident and my car that I really couldn't focus on school. Playing phone tag with the insurance company is not fun.

Thursday morning my son wants to take a tuna sandwich for lunch so I open up the can to drain the tuna and slice my fingers on my left hand right across the knuckles. OUCH! They would not stop bleeding. So I wrapped the in gauze and band aids and go to work. I figured if I lost all my blood and fainted the students would buzz the school nurse and help would arrive. Much to the delight of my students the nurse was not needed.

Friday the insurance company called and told me the total cost of my van which was over $1400 but we just have to pay the deductible. YaY!

So to get around this week I have been driving my parents boat, I mean car! I am thankful that we were all OK in the accident and that we had some form of transportation that is only costing us a tank of gas. My fingers are starting to itch and doesn't that signal healing. I hope so or I got an infection coming on. Gross!

Anyway, I hope your week was a whole heck of a lot better than mine.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh my Cynthia, what a week. If anyone deserves the pamper package, it's you! Good luck and thanks for stopping by, Theresa