Friday, December 27, 2013

Book Giveaway - The Ladies of Garrison Gardens

Here is the book that I recently finished. I would like to pass this book along to one lucky reader to enjoy it as well. The book was purchased at a thrift store so it does have some wear and tear.

From the back cover:
Charles Valley's legendary dowagers, the three Miss Margarets, have lost one of their own; Peggy Garrison, who in life was constantly overshadowed by the reputation of her rich husband's first wife, Myrtis. After Peggy's will is read, the town is shocked. Peggy has left her entire fortune to the town's wild child, Laurel Selene McCready.
Though she was like a daughter to Miss Peggy, the last thing Laurel wants to do is step into Peggy's shoes, especially since the Garrison wealth never bought Peggy any happiness. On top of that, when Laurel reluctantly explores the storied Garrison Cottage, she discovers that mysteries abound when it comes to the great Miss Myrtis. What clues are hidden in an old suitcase, and who is the elderly woman who has been keeping track of the Garrison estate's every development via the Charles Valley Gazette? And how will Laurel avoid the fate of her two predecessors, whose secrets have far greater implications that Laurel could ever have imagines?

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Happy Reading!

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