Sunday, June 14, 2009


We are in Philadelphia. I can't believe this is the farthest East I have been. We arrived Saturday afternoon to rain. Our plane had to hold in the air until the weather cleared up a bit for us to land.

Saturday evening we headed over to a trendy area called Rittenhouse Row Shopping for dinner. We ate an Italian place that was very yummy.

Sunday we toured America's first zoo. The Philadelphia zoo is quite impressive. The exhibit areas are wonderfully designed and they had a polar bear! After the zoo we headed down to the historical area to board the Duck Tour. It's a vehicle that runs on land and water. We were driven by lots of historical places and famous places. We hope to go back and visit many of these places. It was fun to make a splash into the Delaware River. We saw a Gay Pride Festival along the banks and Will Smith's fathers house.

Dinner we were going to try Hard Rock but it was closed for a private party so we ended up at 13 inside the Marriott. It was nice since I think we were the only ones inside.

The forecaster says that rain is for tomorrow, so our plan is to tour the Franklin Institute Museum.

**If I can figure out how to get my pictures off my camera, I will add them later.

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