Sunday, December 02, 2007


In Galveston, TX they host the most fabulous Dickens Festival. This year was so crowded and fun because my parents tagged along. My DS had fun explaining things to them. He was a great tour guide. Vendors line the streets selling their handicrafts and food. There is a special children's area with camels and elephants to ride and a small patch of real snow to play in and get wet. We always have a seafood lunch at one of the well know restaurants and then wonder over to the Elissa, an old sailing ship, and explore. While there, they had a stage set up for performers and we happened onto a sword swallowing act. The guy was quite good and entertaining. I couldn't handle it and had to look away when he hammered a long nail into his nose. YUCK! Starbucks was set up right outside the Elissa, handing out free samples of their newest holiday flavor. I had two and they were yummy. We looked around some more and then claimed out space for the Queen's parade. Right after the parade we started for home. The weather was great and we had a great time. Here are a few pictures from the dayThe Elissa.My mom, DH and DS on the Elissa.People dressed up in that time period clothing. My favorite part!


Old fashion bikes

Bag pipe band.

People dressed up.

Beautiful mules pulling a wagon with someone important.

Fire brigade.

Thanks for looking!

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