Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Think I Broke My Lower Body

No joke! I honestly think I broke my hips and thighs. Those darn exercise machines at the Y look so easy. I hop on, push some buttons, start pumping my way to better health and firmer body parts.

After I finish one set I realize I"ve worked up quite a sweat and yet, there are no aching joints or body parts so I do another set.

I go home, clean out some closets, bend and lift items, have dinner, read and go to bed.

And wake up the next morning with a broken lower body!

Seriously, I'm hurting.

I'm an idiot, I should have know it wasn't as easy as it loooked, especially with a whole school year of very limited physical activity. So for the next couple of days I will not be anywhere near the Y but will try to get my workout through lifting boxes and bending at the garage sale.


~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Been there - done that - feel better and good luck on the garage sale!

MARY-ANN said...

HeeHeeHee... Sorry don't mean to laugh at your pain but I've done the same thing before. It's always the next day that gets ya, isn't it??
Hope your feeling better and that you make out great at your garage sale!!