Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Garage Sale

They always sound like such a good idea and then you remember just how much work they are!

My mom had the crazy idea to have one. My sister needed to have one since she just moved and has stuff she wants to get rid of. And I always have too much stuff laying around. Both my sister and mom's neighborhoods can't have garage sales but on certain days, so my garage is our location. I have had one other garage sale at our house and we did quite well. Living close to the hood, I can get a lot of traffic. I have also told a couple of girlfriends to bring their junk over so we will have lots for sale.

I have been going through rooms and closets pulling out all kinds of crap! Things I didn't know we had or used. The majority is coming from my sons room. He wants a room make over so all his decorations, bedding and baby toys(his words) are going. So the profit from the garage sale will be going towards his new room decor and any left over goes to ME!

To get ready for this garage sale I needed to clean out the garage. We have a detached garage and I hardly go out there. It's not air conditioned and there are bugs! Yuck! Also, the garage has been a dumping ground for broken and unwanted items and mad cleaning, where you scoop everything up inside the house and throw into the garage!

Sunday, I got up early and started cleaning. I started from the back and was working towards the front. We have a side door and then the double car door which faces the street. I had the double door closed because I was too embarrassed for my neighbors to see how cluttered my garage was. I know silly! So I just had the side door open. Now picture a sea of boxes and baby items, school books and furniture waiting to be painted, repaired or recovered, bikes and sporting equipment, bins of holiday decorations. I know, horrible! Plus, there are items from the last garage sale.

I was slowly making progress and finally get to the back wall where the baby crib is nicely wrapped in plastic along with the mattress. I pull out the crib and drag it to the patio so I can clean it up to sell and then go back to get the mattress. I gently pull it away from the wall and guess what is staring back at me!!!! An opossum!!!! You have never seen a hot, tired, city girl jump so high, hurdle over boxes and get inside the house so fast. It literally shook me up. My son thought I had lost my mind. Luckily for us my uncle was next door at his in-laws helping them with something and he came over and took care of the opossum for good! It took me a long while to work up my courage to go back into the garage and this time I had the double door opened so that me and whatever else I should happen to find could get out of there. My mom kept calling to see if I found any others but thankful I hadn't. With the screaming and hollering I did when I first saw the opossum my neighbors had slowly started coming out and we started talking and several of them had seen opossums or their dogs had cornered some. I just can't believe they are in my neighborhood. We don't have a lot of wooded areas around except for the golf course at the end of my street.
I'm really looking forward to getting rid of what I don't need so that I can better organize what I do need. So if you're in the neighborhood this weekend come by and visit and I guarantee there will be no opossums!


~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Cynthia thank you sooooooooooooo much for a good laugh! I could just picture you jumping over boxes! I'm a country girl and ironically the only time I really saw a possum up close and personal was when I lived in the city - he was hiding behind my trash can. By the way your books should be there Thursday or Friday. Good luck on your garage sale.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they are a scary site, luckly our possum lives in between the fences and doesn't make it into our garage. I think he has in the past but we use our garage everyday and it helps having the dogs, they scare him away. -LC