Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snapshot of 13 Things During the Month of September

1. Picture of Me-My son and I at the Astros vs Phillies baseball game

2. Candle scent of the month-Paula Deens Creme Brulee

3. Books Read- Just one

4. Number of pictures taken this month-121

5. Movies watched this month-4; The Alamo, The World's Fastest Indian, Transamerica, and Rachel Getting Married

6. Perfume of the month-Philosophy Amazing Grace

Style: amazing grace is philosophy's best selling fragrance. amazing grace enhances a woman's state of well being, and was created to make a woman smell and feel amazingly clean and beautifully feminine.

Tones: Amazing grace is based on pure, clean fragrance notes that are designed to draw people closer to you, and never overwhelm so people notice you, not your fragrance. People will tell "you smell so good."

The woman: The amazing grace woman embraces the essence of femininity. She is an inspiration to those around her and believes the secret to looking good, is feeling good.

7. Last place I ate out-El Gallo

8. Something that made me cry-The James Rogers Benefit BBQ

9. Something that made me laugh-My son and his fashion sense

10. Something I looked forward to-End of the month deadlines for work

11. Something I am thankful for-My health

12. Something I want to remember- How wonderful my church is, how they pulled together to bless the James Rogers Family

13. A photo I took this month. My son and niece at the Astros vs Pirates baseball game.

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