Sunday, September 27, 2009

Phillies Game

One of our must see things to do while we were in Philadelphia was to see Citizen Park and the Phillies. We were in luck as they were in town while we were there. They were playing the Blue Jays. I waited till we arrived in Philadelphia to purchase tickets and we were seated at the top of the stadium which worked out great since it started to rain and we had the top overhang protecting us from the rain. Philly fans are great! They are very loyal and love the game. Here are a few pictures from that nights game.

It was raining as we pulled into the parking lot.The outside of the gates to enter the stadium.Excitement was building as we approached the stadium.Getting there early to see batting practice and players which did not happen due to the rain.

Must have a hot dog at the stadium.

My guy getting ready for the game.

Me and my guy waiting for the game to start. It was raining and cold.

My happy little guy after the purchase of his hoodie.

It was Jackie Robinson Day at the stadium. My son did a biography report on him in the spring at school so it was cool that they were celebrating him while we were there.

Making his selection for the All Star game.

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