Sunday, May 25, 2008

My New Addicition

I love to shop! One reason I work is to fuel my addiction to shop. Well, I stumbled across some frugal money saving blogs and was very interested in what they had to share. One blog, money saving mom, listed ways to save at the grocery store with coupons and freebies that are offered. Another blog, the centsible sawyer, shared savings at CVS and Walgreens. I was hooked! I read their posts and others that shared on their blogs and then decided to try it for my self. The pictures below are for several weeks and the deals that I received are not longer available. Here is how I did. Olay daily 7.49
Olay Regen nighttime 18.99
Coupons 10.98
Total 16.78

Biore 7.49

Biore 7.49

CVS pain relief 3.99

Coupon 7.98

Total 11.57

Eucerin lotion 4.99
Nivea after shave 6.39
Nivea after shave 6.39
Coupons 3.00
Total 15.99

2 CVS pain relief 7.98

2 Maybeline mineral powder make up BOGOF 9.99

Coupons/ECBs 10.00

Total 7.97

2 CVS pain relief 7.98

4 Lady Speed stick BOGOF 6.28

Coupons/ECBs 6.75

Total 7.51

Dial soap 1.99
2 Almay makeup products 13.98
Coupons/ECBs 8.99
Total 7.56

2 hair products 5.98

2 Crest toothpaste 3.98

3 Oral B toothbrushes 5.97

1 Colgate 360 toothbrush 3.99

Coupons/ECBs 11.00

Total 9.33

4 Diet Cokes 12.00

1 Head and Shoulders shampoo 5.99

Coupons/ECBs 13.99

Total 4.00

This is from Walgreens:

Total before was 77.32

Coupons 29.06

Total 48.26

As you can see some transactions were better than others but I am just learning how to work it to my advantage. I am particular proud of the $4.00 transaction and so was my husband. I try to go every week to get the deals but because life is so busy it was hard to get some of them and the store near me had sold out of items. It just isn't money saving if I have to drive all over town hunting down the deals since gas is so expensive. My laundry room is becoming a mini store with everything stacked on the shelves.

So I hope these transactions have inspired you to try to save a few pennies/dollars at your CVS or Walgreens.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Cynthia, so glad to hear from you. Thanks for my birthday wishes!! Looks like you found some great things.

MARY-ANN said...

Wow Grat Job!!
Way to jump on board!!!

Anonymous said...

What do you need so much pain relief meds for, you have to buy double of everything and are these brands that you regularly use? LC

Cynthia said...

There are certain products that earn you Extra Care Bucks(ECB's) and you can only buy a certain amount of those certain products. Extra Care Bucks are printed out on your receipt. You can use these just like cash in the store. My extra products I am able to donate to those in need. For the pain relief, I kept two bottles and took the others to school and gave to the school nurse for the teacher medicine cabinet so that teachers that get a headache can get relief during the day. Just one way of blessing others!

Carrie said...

Great savings. Where did you find the coupons to use?