Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heading Out

Today was my Friday for work! I am taking Friday off and we are heading out of town! There is so much to get done before we go. I have to leave detailed instructions for my substitute and label and organize everything so she won't get confused. I don't know of another job that you have to prepare so much for when you are not going to be there. I have a reliable sub coming tomorrow and my kids are going to be in good hands.

After getting everything ready at school, I ran to get son and take to baseball practice. Last Saturday was the start of play off games. His team won the first game. Go ASTROS!!! The next game is scheduled for Saturday and we will not be there. I'm a little bummed. We did give our son the choice to stay and play in the game or go out of town and he picked going out of town, of course! If they win Saturday we play again on Tuesday, if they lose then that's the end. Go ASTROS!!!

So where are we going???? We are heading to Decatur, TX for my family reunion. It's my mom's siblings and their families. My aunt has a farm there with lots of room. She has a large barn well equipped with a small kitchen and concrete slab that we all hang out in to eat, play games, share stories and eat. The kids roam the fields and drainage ravine getting as dirty as possible. The highlights are the go carts and horses. We take over a local hotel with an indoor swimming pool and have a giant slumber party. So the plan is to check son out of school after his field day and pick up nephew and hit the road.

I will have lots to share next week.

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MARY-ANN said...

Wow! Sounds like Fun!! Can't wait to read all about it next week.
Have a Great Time!!!!