Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thrifty Finds

Not much to show today. I haven't been out shopping like I usually do. I have been extremely busy with work and family. I have had these pieces for awhile but just haven't gotten around to showing them off. I love the basket and will most likely spray it white/cream to put in my front room or bedroom and then fill with a plant. Added two more white milk glass vases to my collection. And the jar will end up in my scrapbook room filled with little embellishments. I don't remember what I spent for these treasures but I know it wasn't over $10.00. What treasures have you found lately????

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MARY-ANN said...

I love the basket!! Unfortunatly I live in an apartment so really don't have the option to spray paint things but its a great idea!!

**Ok so on to the comment you left on my page.... I've only been doing coupons for about 6 weeks but have already accumaleted a good size stash. I also had no idea how to organize them and have tried 3 different ways. Most recently I went out and bought a pack of greeting card envelopes and cut the flap off of all of them, I then wrote different categories on them. I think I have about 25 different ones. This helped me divide them up some so that they were easier to find. Next I went through each envelope and organized them by expiration date, so that I can make sure to use them in order and don't lose to many. Every Sunday when I place my new stash in I pull out ones that have expired.
For now I have just placed all the envelopes in a gallon size ziploc bag which is easy to shove in my purse. I do go through and pull out coupons I'm going to use ahead of time when shopping just to make it easier but I also bring my Ziploc baggie just in case I find an unadvertised sale.
Hope this helps!! Let me know what you come up with. I've looked at various blogs and didn't find anything super helpful. One woman(can't remeber which one) had a link to buy a coupon organizer that held 2000 coupons but it was $22 and I couldn't see spending that and figured I would just play around until I found something that works for me.