Saturday, August 04, 2007

There's No Need to Fear

Underdog is Here! That's right. DS and I went to see Underdog last night while DH, LC, Mr. MC and Amanda saw The Simpsons. DS was a little upset that he couldn't see the Simpsons because the movie was rated PG-13 and he isn't 13 yet. Plus a lady at DH office said that movie would not be appropriate for DS. When a movie comes out that is rated PG-13 and DS wants to see, I ask around and get the opinion of others to see if DS can handle it. I know that the TV version of the Simpsons is not appropriate and DS doesn't watch it.

After the movie we grabbed a bite at Logan's Roadhouse. The place is so much fun because they serve buckets of peanuts on the table and then you can throw your shells on the floor. DS thinks its so much fun to throw his shells on the floor.

I have an exciting afternoon planned but will tell more about it tomorrow!

Enjoy your day!

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