Sunday, August 05, 2007

Get Gorgeous

My friend LC and I scored an all access pass to pretty with an exclusive makeover from Stila at our local Sephora store. It was a rocking party at Sephora. They had a DJ and several vendors walking around demoing their products. We were dancing in the aisle. Stila was launching their Cover Lookbook Collection, which is so pretty. The gal that did my make up was so sweet and very talented. We chatted and she gave me some pointers to apply and how to enhance my eyes. Plus when she finished my makeup I didn't look like a freaking clown, which has happened at the Lancome counter. I purchased Stila convertible color dual lip and cheek cream in gerbera, see picture. This product looked so natural on it was amazing. After the make-up you could get your photograph taken by a professional which air brushed you and made your picture into a magazine cover. I passed on this but LC gone it done. I told her she needed to take it to school and tell her students she did some modeling this summer! Kindergartners will believe just about anything!

After our make overs we wandered around the store. I picked up some Philosophy bath and shampoo in Melon Daiquiri. And then we ended up at the perfumes. Oh my gosh! We spent so much time sniffing here. It was overwhelming! A Sephora lady came along and helped us. She had this incredible book called The World of Fragrance, which listed all the perfumes and what notes they have and how to find the notes you love, etc. I want this book! But not likely to happen since it cost $150.00. I ended up with a sample of Jadore and LC left with a couple.

We left Sephora and called up our guys to take us out to dinner since we were looking gorgeous. We ended up at Otila's, a local favorite authentic Mexican restaurant. Not my favorite but everyone else enjoyed. I prefer good old Tex-Mex.

So check out your local Sephora to see if Stila is coming and definitely go check out their products. You to can get gorgeous!

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Terri and Bob said...

You need to take a picture! I am so glad you had a great day!