Friday, August 03, 2007

Thank You Notes

A topic that came up with the girls as we were eating and chatting was thank you notes. People just don't send them anymore. You are lucky if you receive an e-mail or they mention it the next time you see them.

I was brought up that it was proper etiquette to write a thank you for gifts I received. My mom would have me take out my cute stationery set and write thank you notes for gifts I received for birthdays and Christmas. My thank yous back then were very short and sweet. Also, my mom wanted us to write the thank you before we could enjoy the gift.

Maybe this started my love of stationery. I love all kinds and styles. I could spend hours in a stationary store or on line store. I just love paper! Nowadays I enjoy making handcrafted cards but if I'm in a bind, I turn to the old stand by of Hallmark or other stationary company.

As I have gotten older and wiser, I will send thank yous for other occasions besides gift that I have received, such as; an interview, guest at a dinner party, when a friend has helped out with a special favor, being a house guest, to the hostess after a party was given in your honor and especially for gifts received in the mail( this lets the sender know that it has arrived).

A thank you note is an expression of appreciation for a thoughtful act, gift or expression. Also, its so nice to go to the mailbox and discover a hand written card is waiting for you to open. Something nice instead of bills and junk mail.

So do you need to send out some thank yous this weekend? I have already mailed mine for the gifts I received Wednesday.

Have a great day!

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Terri and Bob said...

Oh yes, the art of the thank you note has been long forgotten. I love stationery, too. I love the feel of good paper in my hands. I'll spend more on stationery than I will on my undies!