Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Animal Kingdom

Here are my pictures from Animal Kingdom. Enjoy!

The parade is my favorite. I love how they use these big puppet like floats.

Lots of dancing going on during the parade.

My niece enjoying the parade.
My DS enjoying the parade.
My nephew enjoying the parade and lost a tooth will waiting for it to start.

All of us waiting for the bus over to Animal Kingdom in the morning.
We are exciting to have a fun day at Animal Kingdom!
The beautiful landscaping. The mountain in the distance is Expedition Everest, one of the best roller coasters in Disney
The theming is incredible here at this park.
This was a fun ride. You load a big jeep like truck and roam on the land looking for animals. My pictures of the animals are not that great because it was very bumpy!
Cute scenes along the walkways.The Tree of Life is incredible. Be sure and take time to look at this when you visit.We walked a trail around the tree and were able to get close to see the carvings of the animals in the tree. Donald Duck was my Dad's favorite Disney character.
We spent New Years Day at this park and had a fabulous time. It started to get crowded in the late afternoon. We left this park for dinner at the Wilderness Lodge because there are no a lot of choices for sit down restaurants in this park.

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