Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Magic Kingdom

We were gifted a trip to Disney for the New Year from Santa this year. My parents, my sister's family and us all flew over to Disney to ring in the New Year. It was crowded and cold three days but we managed to get a lot done despite our group of 10! It was great making memories with family members that will be talked about for quite some time. We arrived at the Magical Place on December 30 and departed on January 5, 2008. We decided to spend New Year's Eve in the Magic Kingdom along with everyone else. We stayed to watch the 8:00 fireworks with Tinkerbell descent from the castle and then called it a night. It was shoulder to shoulder and with people all wearing slickers it was hard to keep up with the young ones. Here are a few pictures of the Magic Kingdom.

I love walking down Main Street. It was simply lovely with all the garland and bows.

The three older kids waiting to get an autograph. This was the thing to do on this trip. Waiting in long lines to have a character sign your book and get a picture.The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides. My son will not ride this at nighttime. In fact he did not ride it at all this trip.
I just love the castle. Cinderella is one lucky girl!
Close up of the castle.
Fireworks at night on New Year's Eve.
As you leave the park, cast members are up above waving goodbye. A nice send off from a long day.

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