Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen~Shows at Disney

Ok, I'm almost done talking about Dinsey for awhile. Well, until I start making my scrapbook and then we will relive all those special moments. I know I'm a Disney Freak! For todays Thursday Thirteen I want to share a list of shows or movies that don't move that I think are so enjoyable and a must for your trip to the magical place. I've grouped them by park. Enjoy!

Magic Kingdom:
1. Philamagic~A great 3-D movie that has characters from lots of Disney movies and great special effects.
2. Country Bear Jamboree~Most people think this show is hokey but I love it. Your foot will be tapping to the country tunes played by the Bears.
3. Tikki Room~We couldn't get to this one on our past trip. The birds are very entertaining.

4. American Adventure~A great history lesson on our country's progress.
5. Talk with Crush~Our first time to do this one and we will go back. Crush can some how see who he is talking with and has some really good questions.

Disney Studios:
6. Lights, Motor and Action~A great car and motorcycle stunt show. The boys were on the edge of their seats. Very loud and fire explosions, what every boy likes!
7. Beauty and the Beast~A great mini version of the show.
8. Voyage of the Little Mermaid~A great mix of real characters and puppets.
9. Indiana Jones~A fun stunt show.
10. Muppets 3-D~I love the Muppets and this movie is great!

Animal Kingdom:
11. Flights of Wonder~A informative bird show.
12. Finding Nemo~A very interesting presentation of Nemo.
13. Festival of the Lion King~The show rocks! It has everything from dancing, music and gymnastics.

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