Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Basketball Season

What a day! Today we had a field trip to the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center. It was cold this morning walking out on the trails with the students. No one got lost out in the forest! This is one of my favorite field trips we take during the year. But I'm exhausted!Tonight is play-off game #2 for my sons team. Saturday started the play-off games. We won on Saturday so we play again tonight. We play a good team so I'm alittle worried but I know our guys will do their very best. A neat thing~we play in my old high school gym.My son manages to get a lot of rebounds during the game. It doesn't help when we bribe him with a dollar a rebound! I know we are bad parents! But its enough motivator to get him in there and get the ball. Basketball is not his favorite sport but he plays pretty well. We have had a fantastic coach that takes the time to teach the boys skills and strategies and is not all to concerned if we win but if we do a great job and use teamwork. I think because of that we have gone so far when we play with this coach.Go Bulls!


Carrie said...

Reminds me of visiting an arboretum in Nebraska.

Robyn said...

Very cool!