Thursday, January 08, 2009

New School

As I mentioned in the Fall my school is getting a brand new building. My school is 50 years old and has seen better days. But with the new building comes many changes. We have lost our outdoor area and garden, which the picture above shows that was taken from my back door. Our gym had to be closed down since it will be incorporated into the new design of the building. So gym has been moved to the cafeteria and the lunch room has been moved to the multi purpose room. We haven't had outside recess in a long time and my lunch time has been shorten. We finally got a small fenced in area towards the front of the school to take the children out to run and get some fresh air.
Changes are good, right?

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Book Dragon said...

yes, changes are good. At least when the dust settles! Did they tell you how long it would be?

We had road construction by our home that lasted two years. It's wonderful now that's is completed and the road is back open but....shudder....