Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting an Author

Last night my girlfriend and I went to Border books to meet Jen Lancaster! She is on tour for her new book, Pretty in Plaid.This is book number 4. I have read the first three and have laughed so hard. I introduced my friend to her and she loves them as much as I do.
Do you see Jen? She is the one with the white sweater tied around her shoulders. Love her bag! The theme was to come dressed in 80's clothes but coming from work that wasn't an option for me. There were some ladies that were dressed in 80's wear and they looked fabulous.

Here we are waiting for Jen to start. There were microphone issues.She read a passage from the book about being a Girl Scout and then ended with question and answers. She shared about her family and the dogs and what she has in store for her fans and readers!And then it was book signing time! When I went up to have my copy signed she commented on my shoes. She was wearing shoes very similar to mine by the same designer. How cool!I had a very fun girls night out on a school night! Thanks LC!

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Tickled Pink And Green said...

She told a girl scout story to us too ...the one about cheating to get lots of badges! She also was wearing the shoes you're showing. Where did you get yours? I'm pretty sure hers are the "Born" ones that I saw at Dillards for $85 (which I don't want to spend)...but I love the look of them. :)