Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thrifty Finds

I have been on a shopping spree lately. I have been purchasing items for my table. I made only one of the purchases below at a thrift store all the others came from the clearance shelves at stores. I had so much fun and my son enjoyed hunting with me.

The dishes below came from the thrift store. I was so excited when I saw them sitting on the table. At one time it must have been a set of 8 because that is the most I have of certain items; bowls and saucers. I am missing several pieces but I will keep hunting for the missing ones. The color is a cranberry red and navy. I love it! Here is the stamp on the back. I know it must be good since its marked with England. I did a search and found a saucer going for near $10.
Here is the best part, I only paid $12! Can you believe it? Five dinner plates, five salad plates, eight bowls, eight saucers and two cups.

My next purchase came from Pier 1. I haven't been in that store in so long I didn't know what to expect. I ventured in after Easter and found these cute bugs for $0.88 each. I will use them as napkin rings in an upcoming tablescape.

I found this yellow tablecloth and napkins at Kohl's. I love this store! They were marked down 70% off. What a great deal. You will be seeing these in an upcoming tablescape.
My son and I made a stop in Ross. Another store I haven't been to in a long time. Picked up theses two tablecloths at $4.99 each. These were not on sale but at a great price.

This purchase was an Internet purchase. I love ladybugs and when a search led me to the place mats and napkins below, I had to have them. They were on sale and with shipping they were just over $30.00. And yes, you will be seeing them in an upcoming tablescape.

This is were I ordered the ladybug place mats and napkins from. Isn't the label cute?The last stop on my shopping spree was Big Lots. Another store I haven't been in to in a long while. Several of the ladies that participate in tablescape Thursdays always find great deals on dishes, flatware, etc so I decide to have a look. WOW! I was surprised! I found these star glasses for only $10.00. They will look great on my summer table.

Well, that's all folks for this post. Thanks for looking. What treasures have you found lately?

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Tickled Pink And Green said...

I have found the cutest things at Ross lately, and I'm as surprised as anyone!