Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned another year older. I celebrated by working! The girls and I were going to get together for lunch but some of them have things going on in their lives right now that are stressful so being the sweet and understanding friend, I cancelled. I don't turn older if I don't celebrate, right? We will get together at a later date and this will drag out the celebrating for me and the gifts! My family all got together at my parents house last night. My parents made an awesome dinner of my favorite dishes, Hawaiian chicken, seasoned rice, green beans, fruit salad, watermelon, dinner rolls. My parents made a fabulous strawberry cake with cream cheese icing for dessert. I think I have always requested this as my birthday cake. I was showered with lovely gifts from my family. I am also a part of a group of ladies on the Internet that swap goodie bags, cards, etc. and those ladies have been sending gift cards and such in the mail. I am really enjoying all this special attention. So far I have gift cards from Talbot's, Target, Sonic, and Panera. I will be going shopping very soon!

Today was the last day of summer school and my summer starts NOW. I am so looking forward to sleeping in and staying up late. My DH got box tickets for the Astros game tonight so we will be heading down there in awhile. We are so looking forward to history quite possibly happening at the ballpark tonight. We have a full day of errands tomorrow and still thinking about what we will be doing for the 4th.
Enjoy your evening!

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