Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Weekend

Our weekend started off by hitting the workout room at our YMCA Friday morning. I completed all my stations and then walked on the treadmill. I am ready to face the day! DS played in the KidsZone while I worked out. He was busy playing some video game.
After the Y, DS and I met with friends, LC and Amanda for a movie and lunch. I wore the above shoe from Target and my new capri pants. We saw Surf's Up.

It was enjoyable. There were a couple of scenes that I thought were inappropriate for children but I don't think our two young ones picked them up. After the movie we had lunch here. We said goodbye to our friends and DS and I headed over to Famous Footwear to purchase some new shoes. We found a pair of tennis shoes for DS but nothing for me this time. We wondered over to Old Navy and picked up a few things for DS. I think Friday was definitely his day. We did all the things he wanted to do or picked.

We have plans for today but it depends on the weather. Need to go check out the weather report.

Enjoy your weekend!

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