Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Friday

Today's shoe choice. I love my Birki's. I had ordered them from QVC when they were the Today's Special Value, thinking I would give them a try. I love these. I also have a white pair. I wear them any chance I get. They are not fashionable or cute as some of my other shoes but way more comfortable then any other. I often wear these as house shoes, by slipping into them first thing in the morning. If you haven't tried a pair, please do so, your feet will think you for it.

Today I had a day planned for errands. I awoke early due to DH having an early doctor's appointment. Which is fine since I got up and got dressed and was ready to go. First stop, taking Maggie to doggie daycare. She is so excited about going. Also, her birth sisters attend and they get to play. Next, breakfast at a local place. They serve quick, cheap and good breakfast. DS and I had an enjoyable time talking. Next, DS had an assessment at his tutoring place. He had to take a academic reading test. While he was testing, I ran to Old Navy for a return and to purchase my parents red 4th of July shirts. My sisters family will be sporting the white Old Navy shirts and my family will be sporting the gray Old Navy shirts. We are going to wear these when we take our family trip in December. Next, Toys R Us. DS wanted to go look which means we left with a purchase. He wanted baseball cards and some baseball pennants to hang in his room. Next stop, the dry cleaners. Finally, we met my mom and DH for lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant. It was very nice visiting with them. We are home for a break and then will head out around 5:00 to pick up Maggie from doggie daycare, dinner and grocery shopping.

Have a great start to your weekend!


suburban prep said...

I have the same Birk's pictured. They were the Special of the Day and they were my first pair. I now have 3 other pairs.

tulipmom said...

First time visiting ...cute blog! I have the Sydney Birkenstocks in white and love them.