Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun Birthday Party

We attended a fun birthday party given by the Melkus Family for their son. They had the party at Incredible Pizza. It's a place with a huge pizza, pasta, salad, soup and dessert buffet. There are different themed rooms in which you can seat and eat your food. Then the main attraction is the game area. Video games, ball games, driving games, miniature golf, bumper cars, bowling and mini go-karts race cars.

My boys enjoyed the go kart race cars. It's run like a real race. There is an announcer over a loud speaker giving status at to what car is in the lead, how many laps to go, etc. The winner of the race receives a ribbon and my DH won both races that we did. Here are a couple of pictures from the race.

Waiting to get into the cars.

My DS was the first in the line up.

My DS acting like he is cool.

My DS in burnt orange Texas colors and his friend Alex in maroon Aggie colors. Needless to say Texas lost to Texas A & M in the football game that day. We were shocked.

My DH and Johanna last in the line up. Johanna drove like a turtle and DH was super fast.

DH with his winning ribbon.

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Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Sounds like a fun time! I know my boys would just love this, especially my oldest...I mean my hubby ;) That picture of yours with the ribbon is priceless :)