Monday, November 19, 2007

Soccer Season

Soccer season is coming to an end! My sons team, the Orange Crush, is undefeated. We have made it through the pre-season game, regular season games and the play-off games by winning every single one. We have had some close calls. One game in particular my son was the goalie and he let two balls into the goal. Needless to say the coach pulled him from goalie and he has been playing defender. He is liking it. He is able to run around and get more ball action. I am not a crazy soccer mom but I do enjoy cheering on the team and shouting encouraging words, something I have done since high school, cheering on my player! We are headed to the Championship game on Thursday, November 29. You know the Houston Dynamo's, professional soccer team, won Sunday and we are the same color so we are hoping for the win! A couple of pictures from some games this year.
My DS getting ready to defend the goal.My DS stopping the ball.Lining up to shake the other teams hands.The meeting after the game with the coaches to receive recognition for a game well played.

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VAIL said...

My son played soccer from age 4 to 10 - he too was on a great team and it was lots of fun. BUT, I do NOT miss the practices, early games, traffic at the field, etc! Glad your son's team did well!