Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Game Night

DS and I love to play games, especially when the weather is yucky and cold. Also spending time with your children is priceless. While at Goodwill, DS spied an unopened Monopoly Jr. for $4.00. He snatched it off the shelf and it came home with us. We didn't have this game and was pleasantly surprised when we played the game.

My DS is 8 and the game is easy and we can finish a game pretty much in one setting unlike regular Monopoly that goes on forever.

One thing DS teachers are encouraging is more play time with your children. They are not giving homework nightly but instead want students to play team sports or play games with family and friends. We do have weekly spelling words and read every night. I will say that things have been much more relaxed in the evenings around our cottage and not rushing around to complete a worksheet for the next day.
The spaces are marked with carnival/amusement ride names. And you purchase ticket booths instead of houses and hotels. The money is very easy and encourages DS to do mental math, math calculated in his head and not writing it down. The Chance cards are simple acts for the kids to do, like move to a certain ride spaces or pay to see a show.

What is your favorite game to play with your friends and family?


Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I love board games! I have a two shelves in a closet full of them! Some are adult games (Scatagories is one of my favorites) and some are kids games that I've purchased when I find good deals. I can't wait for Snuggle Bug to be old enough to play board games with me. I intend to institute a family game night in our household. :)

I'll have to look for Junior Monopoly. I don't have that one.

Diane said...

My DGS loves to play the board game SORRY. :o) Diane