Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Game Night~Magnetic Darts

We had game night the other night. Magnetic Darts was the game of choice. We picked up this game of darts at Goodwill. It was an unopened box. It had Christmas wrapping around box with a cardboard slip over it like you see prepackaged gifts at stores during the holidays. So we ended up with someones Christmas gift that they didn't want. We are having a blast! My aim is way off. Everyone in my house seems to get it on the target but me. When I throw the dart it either misses altogether or bounces off. We play several rounds and add up our points and the loser does something silly what the other two can dream up. Spending time with your family playing games~priceless!

Staying up late to catch up on my DVR shows and sleeping in tomorrow morning til 7:30. No work or school for us here. I do have to get up to take Devil Dog to doggy care. Later DS and I are meeting a cousin at his school to have lunch with since we are off and he has school. Something we rarely get to do. Then after school we are going to the movies and then a family dinner with my parents and sister's family.

Have a great day tomorrow!

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Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

There's nothing better than the whole family playing games together! In my house the guys play Chess and I stink at it so I usually push for checkers! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.