Monday, October 27, 2008

Menu Planning and a Carnival

I had a restful weekend, well sort of. Saturday we were busy just about all day with running to Walmart, Craft show and dinner with my parents at the Texas Roadhouse-yum! Since I wasn't feeling so great last week and we either went out or my sweetie picked something up on the way home, I didn't have to cook. Yay me! So this week I am repeating meals that didn't get made from last week.

Here is our plan:

Monday~Grill Cheese and Tomato soup

Tuesday~Hamburger Pie


Thursday~Pizza and Salad

Friday~Fall Festival Food

Have you heard it's Bloggy Carnival week. Just click here to check out all the fabulous prizes you can enter and win. Good luck!


Julie said...

Glad you are feeling better. I hate being sick. I am on my way over to check out the Carnival. Thanks for the heads up!

The Muse said...

golly love the music...WOW memories :)

And WOW...Love the week planned MENU!