Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Well since my son has decided that he doesn't want to play football because of his fractured finger I have a lot more free time after work. I am enjoying that time by working on projects. I didn't realize how much time we were actually running from work/school to practice 5 days a week. This was his helmet for the season. It's so pretty! Can a football helmet be pretty?
This project I found while surfing blog land during the hurricane. I found it here. You take a wood cutout, scrapbook paper, Modge podge, paintbrush and a few embellishments and you have a cute pumpkin. I found all my supplies at Michael's.
Isn't he cute. I think I will be going back and getting more seasonal items to make like this.
And this was my sons teacher gift. I found the idea here. He had taken it to school and pulled it out of his backpack to show it off to his friends and CRASH it smashed to pieces all over the sidewalk. So I have ordered another vinyl to make a new one. You can order one from this Esty store. The vase and clear wrap is from the Dollar Tree, pencils from Sam's and ribbon is from my stash.

What have you made lately?

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