Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Easy Living

Today I want to share with you a product and some sites that are helping me around the house. I work full time outside the home and my evenings are very busy running from piano, sports activities and social events, so I need all the help with the daily cleaning, organizing and cooking I can get.

Several years ago I joined a Bible study group led by my childhood friend Pamela and she introduced me to Fly Lady. This is a wonderful site that gives you a fly zone, which is an area of your home, to focus cleaning and decluttering for the week. This has really helped me stay somewhat on top of this around the house. Also, she has tips and instructions on how to clean and I especially love to shine my sink. Go check her out!

Another site I have been using lately is Kraft Foods. I love the menus for dinners. It really helps with the planning of our meals and writing up my grocery list. We eat out way too much and I am trying to make an effort to prepare meals at home. They have a 1 Bag 5 Meals section and its exactly what it says. You can get a large bag of groceries and have the ingredients to make 5 meals. My family has enjoyed each meal I have prepared so far.

A new site I have found is Home Sanctuary. This site is similar to Fly Lady in that is gives you a task to do everyday to help create that sanctuary, we all want in our homes, in all the small things we do. She has a daily task to complete like, post the monthly memory verse, love your dude, and create a hospitable entryway, to earn points. Then she has a monthly drawing at the end of the month for wonderful Christian based items. I love her thoughts that she shares each day and feels like they were written just for me.

Lastly, I want to share a product I have seen on other ladies blogs. Mrs Meyers cleaning products are fabulous! It took me awhile to locate and finally purchase this product. I love the scent and it cleans everything so nicely. If you haven't tried this product, splurge and pick some up. It will make your home smell so clean like you have been Spring cleaning.

Well, I'm off to complete a task! Have a great day!

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