Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Garden Clogs

I love Ladybugs. If it has a ladybug on it, I will most likely purchase the item. I just love them! Here are some garden clogs that I purchased awhile ago to wear around the garden I will one day have. A close up of the yellow design.
I will look so cute and bright wearing these around.
This pair is my favorite!
Here is a close up. Love the ladybugs flying around the daisy's!

I don't have a garden area in my yard. I do have flower beds along the front of the house and a ring around the large pecan tree in the back yard. I have a side yard between our detached garage and the wooden fence that I have claimed to turn into a nice little garden area. It's on my to do list. But I can't decide if I want a flower cutting garden, herb garden or vegetable garden. I will have to research each one and find out what would work best for that small area.

Hope your week is going great! If not, hang in there, it's almost over!

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