Saturday, September 06, 2008

Retail Therapy~Some Clearance and a Splurge

Some days you just need to treat yourself to something colorful!I was walking around Super W, waiting for my pictures to be printed and I hit the clearance racks and found these lovely tops and pants. I normally don't shop there but I couldn't pass up a good deal, especially when they were almost free! I know that these items are summer wear but down here in TX I can practically wear them all year, but I won't. I like to celebrate the seasons with clothes even though the seasons are hard to notice here.
Now these were a splurge. I love to to peruse the aisles of a shoe store, looking at all the new styles and designs. I love to try on shoes. When I saw these I just had to have them. They look like a high end designer but cost under $75. Some may say that wasn't a splurge but I really didn't need a new pair of sandals especially with the end of summer approaching. But I love them! Now I need to go get a pedicure! Have you found any clearance items for yourself lately??

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