Saturday, September 13, 2008

We made it through the Hurricane!

We had no damage to our house. Praise God! The wind was howling and rattling the windows like crazy last night. It was pretty intense for awhile. We have plenty of small to medium branches thrown all over our yard. We spend the afternoon raking up piles of leaves and limbs. We have a huge pile of medium branches from our oak and pine trees, about the size of a small car. Some of our neighbors were not quite so lucky. Lots of damage from the old trees. One thing I didn't have on my supplies list was large trash bags so those piles will have to sit until the stores open up and the piles dry up some. Another thing I didn't pick up was batteries and the radio didn't have any working batteries in it, so I was pulling batteries from my sons toys and games this morning so we could hear the news and weather. You can bet we will be well stocked with batteries this next week.

We lost our electricity around 4:00 in the morning and it still hasn't been turned back on. So we packed up our bags and refrigerator and we are staying out at my sisters. She is very fortunate to have power out here near Cypress.

Good news and bad news. Our school was closed on Friday so we could prepare for the hurricane and now they are going to be closed for Monday and Tuesday due to damage and electrical problems in the school buildings. My son is going to be so happy when I tell him but I am not since we will probably have to make these days up and that means more than likely they will start to take from our holidays.

Oh, and for those that want to know what you can get us for Christmas, we would like a generator, please!


Vonlipi said...

I am so glad you had no damage. Here in Quebec we don't have hurricanes, but we have snowstorms and ice storms that can be quite bad. For the radio, you could get one of these emergency radio with a handle you crank to get the dynamo going. They are quite reasonably priced and it is one less thing to worry about in case of emergency. :D

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Cynthia, so glad to hear from you and that is well. We are back up with electricity, almost to normal.