Monday, September 08, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

I am not going to plan a menu this week because it will just be my son and I for dinner this week since DH is working. We will probably pick something up after football practice or something simple at home. Nothing very exciting.Here are pictures from the first day of school. My son was not thrilled that I was going to snap pictures of him.Yes, my baby entered Fourth Grade with a fractured finger. The Thursday before at football conditioning camp he got his ring finger caught between two helmets and snap. He didn't complain a lot after wards but his finger swelled up and turn blue. All the dads and coaches at the camp didn't think it was broken so we didn't do anything right away. Over the weekend he caught his finger in the refrigerator door and I thought he was going to die! So we took him to the emergency room and they X-rayed and found out that it was fractured. Two weeks of wearing a splint is no fun!

We had our follow up visit with the bone specialist and he is now splint free and was given the OK to be active again. He is alittle apprehensive in getting back onto the football field because he doesn't want to hurt it again. So please pray for no more fractured or broken bones for the rest of football season.

Have a great week!

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