Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all and Menu Planning

WooHoo! We have power! I am so excited. The neighbor texted husband this morning to report that the power had been turned on. We had been staying at my sisters house with her lovely family but I was ready to get home. I loaded up the dog and dropped her off before heading in to work. I can't believe it took an hour and a half to make it in to work. The freeway was a parking lot this morning. Quickly checked the house before leaving and got to work only 20 minutes late.

Our plan for the week:

Monday~grabbing something quick since we are moving back home tonight from my sisters and we have an empty refrigerator.

Tuesday~Out with friends

Wednesday~Salad buffet


Friday~Out with friends

I don't have a lot planned since I have nothing in my refrigerator and need to restock.


Vonlipi said...

Welcome home! Have a nice week! ;)

MARY-ANN said...

Wow that's great that you actually have power again. There's nothing like your own home!!!!