Friday, September 19, 2008

Still No Electricity

We are still without power and I miss my home. We have been staying with my sister and her family. We are getting very good at the Wii. My son has made friends with the neighbor kids out here. We ventured out yesterday to Target and the grocery store. No problems at either place but the traffic lights are still not working properly so its slow go moving around the city.

School is reported to open on Monday. My school has power but my sons does not yet. Today we should get an update about that. I am ready to get back to our normal routine.

My husbands office, which is near the Galleria area, had lots of damage. So he and others in his office have been cleaning and salvaging what they can.

I have been reading and catching up on the blogs I like to visit and have gotten many ideas for decorating and craft projects and lots of yummy recipes that I can't wait to try.

The electricity company has been reporting on the news station that my zip code should have power by the end of the day on Monday. I have my fingers crossed.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Vonlipi said...

Hi Cynthia, I hope you get power soon! Being forced out of your house can be pretty de-stabilizing. When we had the ice storm in '98 we went without electricity for 11 days. We were the lucky ones! More than 50,000 went without it for 30 days. In the middle of winter....