Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cupcake Swap

Colleen at Frosting and Sparkles is so sweet! I had joined her cupcake swap at the beginning of summer. I love cupcakes but I'm not an artist. I was a little apprehensive with this swap. I sent a box filled with cupcake items such as items to make cupcakes and items to pamper yourself that were yummy smelling. However, my swap partner flaked on me. Which means that she got her box and I didn't get mine. I wasn't going to say anything and just let it slide. I figured it was a gift for someone in need. Well, I saw that this person was still swapping and I just wanted to let Colleen know so that maybe if she joined another one of her swaps to watch out. Colleen felt so bad that I hadn't received anything and she sent me the lovely items above. An adorable cupcake plaque that I'm guessing she made. Two yummy looking fake cupcakes. And a pretty floral saucer. I love all the items Colleen! Please check out her blog and be inspired!

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