Wednesday, September 26, 2007

White Platters

I have found my thrift store MOJO. I can't believe the luck I'm having. Just about every store that I have stopped at lately I have found a treasure. I am new to this thrift store experience but I'm loving it! The thrill of what will I find today. Planning my afternoon errands around certain parts of town to venture into a thrift store. To all of my blogging friends you have inspired me to get creative, get thrifty and re purpose items. I have brought a lot of items into the home but only paying a fraction of the cost. Slowly our home is turning into the cottage of my dreams.

Check out these lovely platters I found. The first one has crabs, lobsters and shells all along the edge. I love it and can't wait to use it next summer. I have safely packed it up with all my summer items.

The second one has vegetables all along the edge. I plan on using this one for Thanksgiving unless I find a turkey one between now and then.

What have you found lately at your local thrift store?


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh I am just loving your white platters! Isn't thrify shopping fun? It's like the financial equivelant of eating chocolate without the calories only so much more rewarding :)


tommiea said...

I love white platters. I love dishes in general!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Great thrifing finds, Cynthia! I grew up with a "thrift store" mother, who did not have the means to buy "new" and decorated out home with lovely second hand things. I love to thrift, go to flea markets and estate and garage sales. You just never know what someone is going to be getting rid of. Have fun!! Your plates are wonderful!


Diane said...

Beautiful platters Cynthia. Great finds! Would you email me so I can send you the calendar template that I used on the coasters that you commented on at my blog? Thanks, Diane My email is