Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Oh what a weekend! It flew by! We left after work Friday to make the trek to Missouri. I usually am the over planner for trips. I have a map, driving directions, etc. But this trip I decided to wing it. Along with everyone else in the car. There were 3 adults and 3 children in the van. And I am going to say it right now, Thank God for in car DVD players! Our plan was to drive half way which would be just to the Oklahoma border and stay the night. DH drove to the half way point. When we arrived there was no room at the inn. Literally every place we stopped was booked for the weekend. Well, places I would sleep in! I took over driving from here and thought we would venture into Oklahoma and find a place at the next town. The time was around 11:00pm and the children were sleeping. We drove and at each town we stopped and asked for a room with no luck. We didn't find a room until 3:00 am when I was totally exhausted. Also, we were so thankful that my parents had left on Thursday and had taken the baby with them. When we awoke the next morning and looked at the map we realized we were only an hour and half from our destination. We hit the road in the morning and we stopped at this place~

A McDonald's that stretched over the toll road. The kids were delighted. They thought it was so cool. But let me tell you this place was not a happy place for us. It was crowded and dirty. We had an early lunch and got back on the road.

When we finally arrived at my Brother's house we were escorted over to his mother-in-laws, where oldest niece and her uncle were coming back from an early morning trail ride and the horse was ready to ride. All the kids, even the youngest niece, who just turned one, loved
riding the horse and playing with the dog, Tator.

But the best part of the trip was seeing the cousins all play and interact with each other. The three older girls put on a show. Their interpretation of a song from Hairspray. Highly entertaining! Everyone fought over the littlest niece. We had just seen them in June at the family reunion but that was still too long ago. Can't wait until we see them again!

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Terri and Bob said...

YOU were in MISSOURI and I didn't know??? I have eaten at that same McDonald's, cool, huh?