Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Soccer Season Has Started

I don't know much about soccer other than my DS loves to play it. His favorite position is goalie, imagine that! He loves using his body to stop the ball that is kicked very hard and coming straight at his head! We have started practices twice a night with a clinic on Friday evenings. So trying to schedule soccer and tutoring is getting trickier. Plus DS has informed me that he wants to take piano lessons so that will be another day trying to juggle our busy schedule. Oh well, as long as he is happy, right? I really can't complain about taking him to practice since it's close to some great shopping. He practices at our district science center and then I can drive down the highway a bit and have some fun shopping at Michaels, Marshalls, Charming Charlies, Best Buy.

Last weekend after the Bridal Shower, DH and DS went to the Houston Dynamo soccer game. I was too tired from the shower to go so I stayed home and relaxed! They arrived before the game started and the players were warming up. As the players were making their way over to start the game, one player kicked his ball up into the stands. My DH is tall and has long arms and he stretched up on his tip toes but the ball went right over. The lady a couple of rows up had her hands up but she was stiffed arm and the ball bounced off her hands and my DS had turned and the ball landed right into his arms. I wished I had been there for that Kodak moment. He was so excited when they got home to tell me all about his soccer experience. Here are the pictures of my proud DS and his autographed soccer ball. I couldn't tell you who had signed it and I can't read the writing.

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Terri and Bob said...

You crack me up! I don't recognize the signature either, but I don't know ANY soccer players besides Beckham!