Monday, October 01, 2007

Adam Depression Glass

I grew up with two parents who loved to venture to the antique malls and collect depression glass. As they were adding to their collections, they started each of us kids with a collection. I don't think we were asked what we liked they just started buying. I first started off with Miss America but it soon became too pricey for my parents, so they started collecting Adam for me. My sister has a collection of American Sweetheart. My oldest brother has a turquoise blue collection and my other brother had a cobalt blue collection. I'm not sure of the names of their collections. Here are my parents collection. They actually have three in these two cabinets.

I collect pink Adam. It comes in two colors, pink and green. It was made from the Jeannette Glass company from 1932-1934. It's delicately mold-etched pattern with rings of flowers surrounding stylized leaves and scrolls. It tends to get nicks on the inner rim and makes it hard finding perfect pieces to add to my collection. The candy dish is listed on one site for selling for $115.00. You can see mine sitting safely in the cabinet. I rarely use these dishes, only for special occasions. I did use them in high school before one of my formals. I had made dinner and my date and I ate off them. I can even remember what I fixed that night! My collection is small, only one shelf, but I love hunting for new pieces and adding to it when I can. I have a few pieces mixed in with my wedding china which I will show later this week.
Thanks for looking!


Terri and Bob said...

Gorgeous glassware. I have one piece of Adam, a bread plate.

Ertter said...

Gorgeous collection! Where do you find your pieces? I've listed a few of my pieces for sale - Adam depression glass