Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thrifty Pyrex Finds

Here are two of my Pyrex finds from the local thrift stores. I was so excited to spot them.

This one was the most expensive of the two. It was $5.00. It's a divided dish with the lid. I am going to set it out now since it's black and has stars around the wavy lines. Perfect for Halloween. I thought about putting two different candies inside. I'll play around with it and see what I come up with.This is my largest piece of Pyrex. It is so pretty with the ivy going all around. It's a nice deep bowl and I will display it during March. Can't wait to see what will end up in it. Spent $3.00 on this one.

Well I'm off to bed. The field trip wore me out. DS had his first lesson of piano tonight and he is very excited. I pray that he continues to be excited about it and not like his momma and give up on it quickly! The rest of the week looks pretty calm til the weekend. Hope your week is going great!


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

WOW! what great find you found. I love them both I like the one that has the divider in it. I went to the thrift store on Tuesday I had somethings in my hand and then but them down. Sometimes I feel I can't live without and sometimes I can, yesterday was one of the I can live without days. Make sure you take a picture with the candy in it and show us.

Diane said...

Hi Cynthia. The bowls are sooo pretty. I really love old dishes. I need to photograph mine and post them sometime. I also loved all the things you made at stamp camp. Looks like you had lots of fun. Diane

Madge said...

You weren't kidding; you found some great pieces!
I especially love your Halloween bowl. Trick or treat!